Who is Tru Flight Adventures?

Tru Flight Adventures is a full service, international hunt consulting company. We take time to get to know each of our clients, and take pride in helping you with your dream hunt, any where around the world. We are your source for hunting, and adventure travel, all around the globe.

Meet The Team


As a 4th generation Montanan, Erin Throckmorton has always had a love for the outdoors.  Growing up on a horse ranch in central Montana shaped not only his work ethic, but his moral and value system as well. From an early age, he was following his mom and dad around the mountains and plains of Montana hunting deer, elk, antelope, moose, bear, mountain lion, mountain goat and bighorn sheep.  It was during these trips that his parents taught him all about the outdoors, and Erin has since been able to pass this tradition, and love of the outdoors, to his children. 

Since that first elk hunt when he was 9, Erin has been blessed to travel the world, hunting in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and all over the US.  He has been able to hunt many species of animals, from plains game to dangerous game and everything in between.  

He founded Tru Flight Adventures as he saw a need to help clients find hunts with top outfitters.  With so many choices with outfitters all around the world, it’s hard to tell who is good, and who is not.  His goal was to take the guesswork away from clients, and give them options with top, fully vetted outfitters.  He understands how important these trips are, and is dedicated to helping his clients find the RIGHT hunt, not just a hunt.  


Ozzy Dahlman grew up near the Rocky Mountains in western Montana. Hiking, hunting, fishing, and foraging have always been a huge part of her life. 

Since starting and raising a family and then moving into the corporate world of mortgage lending in the center of Montana, she was pulled away from the great outdoors.

She is now at a time in her life where she can get back to her roots and embrace the way of life she grew up with and loves. 

She is a firm believer that life takes you where you need to be and brings people into your life that were absolutely meant to be there.  Since meeting Erin Throckmorton through mutual friends, Ozzy has been on several outdoor adventures.

She’s traveled the globe, encountered back country snowstorms, been face to face with elk, cape buffalo and my other animals while renewing her passion for the hunting and fishing world.

Her freezer is full of meat for her family, and her heart has a renewed sense of adventure and appreciation for the life she was born into.  Conservation and preservation are very important to her, and she loves being a part of an organization that gives back to this very cause.


Shawn Dawson is from Great Falls, Montana, where he has owned and operated Timberland Taxidermy for the past 24 years. 

During his taxidermy career, he participated in many competitions, including winning numerous awards. In 2006, he received his Award of Excellence from the National Taxidermy Association. Soon after that, he became a certified judge and was invited to many different states to judge their taxidermy competitions. 

Shawn is an avid hunter and enjoys hunting many different species from around the world, but his passion is archery hunting elk. He will be the first to admit, he’s an “elkaholic”! 

Shawn also enjoys taking youth hunters out and introducing them to the exciting sport of hunting. This ultimately led him to become a hunting consultant with Tru Flight Adventures, where he enjoys working with clients to help them realize their dream hunt! 

He and his wife Kelli enjoy taking road trips together in their beautiful state of Montana and traveling abroad. They have two grown children.


Natasha Engelbrecht was born and raised in Schweizer-Reneke, South Africa, which is about 3 hours SW of Johannesburg.  Right after her graduation, she decided she wanted to see the world, and moved to London in 2001.  After 2 years there, she then moved to Italy for 1 year, followed by her journey to the US, which is where she’s lived ever since. 

Growing up in South Africa gave her a great insight into how hunting and hunters play a big part of conservation.  Although she wasn’t’ a hunter herself while in South Africa, she understood the role it played with the overall stability of the wildlife, as well as funds that go into anti-poaching measures all over the country and continent.  

She has always loved the outdoors, especially hiking, camping, fishing and even recently, hunting.  She was lucky enough to take her first deer, a great mule deer buck, in the big sky state of Montana.  That has lit a fire and she is already planning more hunting adventures in the future. 

She is the mother to 3 beautiful kids, and they go everywhere with her in the great outdoors.  When she’s not outside with them, you will find her at one of the many activities the kids are involved in.  Her love of kids, and passion for helping others, coupled with her worldly experiences makes her a great resource for helping plan hunts around the world.