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Namibia Hunting Trips

Looking to book your dream Namibia hunt? Tru Flight Adventures is your top trusted source for Namibia big game hunting trips. We have available hunts throughout every region of the continent.

Available Namibia Hunts

Cape Buffalo


Hippo And Crocodile


Namibia Hunting With Tru Flight Adventures

Namibia is considered one of the most stable African countries and is an absolute hunters’ paradise. Namibia has a wide variety of habitats, making it one of the most diverse countries in Africa. The region where we are based is mostly a dangerous game region, within easy travel by commercial airlines from Windhoek (the capital of Namibia) or Johannesburg (South Africa).

Where Can You Hunt In Namibia?

Our areas are Bwabwata East concession (Park area) as well as Sobbe, Sikunga and Balyerwa communal conservancies. We also offer fishing on the Zambezi from our camp within the Sikunga Conservancy. To cater for additional demand outside of what we can offer in these 3 areas, or for the specific needs of a client, we also offer hunts in other Caprivi and Kavango conservancies, in Damaraland and Kaokoland conservancies in the North-Western region of Namibia, as well as on private ranch land in both Namibia and South Africa. This puts us in the unique position to offer the discerning hunter totally free-range areas for dangerous game hunting (which includes elephant trophies that are exportable to the USA) in Namibia.

Why Hunt In Namibia?

We are in the unique position to offer mostly tracking hunts on buffalo and elephant, as most of our hunting areas consists of savanna bushveld, and not just open flood plains like a lot of Caprivi areas. We will typically leave early mornings, drive the bush roads to look for tracks, and follow fresh tracks to determine trophy quality up close. This typically gives a hunter the full experience of stalking a couple of different animals, and getting in amongst them, before one is selected to be hunted. A reasonable degree of walking fitness will thus enhance your hunt, but we do make provision for your personal level of fitness or mobility. That being said, please remember that an elephant hunt specifically can be very physically demanding, as well as mentally taxing, so come as well prepared as possible. We do offer “easier” options for elephant hunts, but this may limit the area or dates available.

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