New Zealand (South Island) Red Stag Hunting Trips

Species:               Red Stag

Location:              New Zealand

Methods:              Rifle or Bow

Dates:                    March-July


Red deer (Cervus elaphus) were introduced to New Zealand by European settlers for sporting purposes between the 1800’s and 1900’s. It didn’t take long before they reached plague proportions. The government released a bounty and the deer culling days commenced. Populations are still widespread today and it’s easy to see why New Zealand is renowned for some of the best red stag hunting in the world.

Red deer inhabit diverse terrain from lowland bush clad valleys to open tussock tops, dense woodlands and everything in between. Our red stag private land hunting areas encompass in excess of 80,000 acres of low fence premier red stag country. Hunts are conducted daily from base camp and taken place on foot in spot and stalk style.

A red stag approximately SCI 280 – SCI 320 is considered to be of free-range trophy quality. It is uncommon to see genuine free-range stags exceeding SCI 315. We harvest a sustainable number each season due to comprehensive game management. This is why we primarily operate on private land, as it holds great numbers of free-range trophy class red stags. A mature stag can weigh anywhere from 80kg – 200kg (177lb – 440lb), while hinds typically weigh around 70kg – 140kg (155lb – 310lb). Red stags are increasingly active throughout Autumn months (March – April) during the roar. This is a favorable period for the sporting hunter, as stags will compete for hinds in estrus. As a general guide, red stags are in hard antler from late-February through to early-August.

There is something truly remarkable about hunting a genuine wild New Zealand red stag. Nothing can quite prepare you for the hair-raising sound of the red stags lion-like roar or the clash of antlers fighting for a harem of hinds. To hunt a roaring red stag at close quarters is one of the most unforgettable and exhilarating hunting experiences.


Daily Rates:

$690/day 1×1

$575/day 2×1

$345/day for observers

Included in daily rates:

  • Lodging
  • Meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Airport transfers from Christchurch Intl. Airport and Queenstown Airport
  • Professional New Zealand guide
  • Trophy transfers to taxidermist
  • Field caping and head skinning of trophies
  • USB copy of all photos and video footage
  • Taxes (GST)

Not included in daily rates:

  • Taxidermy and expediting
  • Airfares
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips/gratuities
  • Lodging upgrades
  • Helicopter fees
  • Rifle hire – $230 for trip duration

Free range trophy fees:

Red Stag:

Up to SCI 300             $4,025
SCI 301 – SCI 315     $5,575
SCI 316 – SCI 330     $7,475
SCI 331 – SCI 350     $9,200

Additional animals:

Himalayan Tahr:

$4,6oo (14” + $5,750)



Fallow Buck:




Arapawa ram or wild goat:


Management stag:


Meat animal:


Pig hunting (full day):


Fishing (full day):


Small game (1/2 day):


Waterfowl and upland birds (1/2 day):


Waterfowl and upland birds (full day):



Estate trophy fees:

Red Stag:

Up to SCI  369                 $6,900
SCI 370 – SCI 399          $7,480
SCI 400 – SCI 449          $8,650
SCI 450 – SCI 499          $11,000
SCI 500 – SCI 549          $13,800
SCI 500 +                          P.O.R

Fallow deer:

SCI 240 +                         $4,600


SCI 330 – SCI 339          $5,750
SCI 340 – SCI 349          $6,900
SCI 350 – SCI 359          $8,050
SCI 360 – SCI 369          $9,200
SCI 370 – SCI 379          $10,400
SCI 380 – SCI 389          $11,500
SCI 390 – SCI 399          $12,650
SCI 400 – SCI 409          $13,800
SCI 410 +                          P.O.R


Package deals:


Free range red stag, bull tahr and chamois

6 days/5 nights


This is our most popular package and for good reason! The top three of New Zealand’s iconic big game species in one hunt.

Your first hunting destination is approximately a 3-hour drive south of Christchurch International Airport to the small township of Fairlie, Canterbury. Your second hunting destination is a 2.5-hour drive south of Fairle, Canterbury to Wanaka, West Otago. We have exclusive access to three of the best private free-range tahr, chamois and red stag hunting areas in New Zealand. You are guaranteed to see an abundance of first-class game daily on both properties. All hunting areas have great 4WD tracks, so helicopter access is optional.

Accommodation options vary from a brand-new lodge situated on a private lake, a refurbished cook shop in the heart of the station, a beautiful holiday home, a historic cabin set amongst the mountains or spike camping. Hunts are conducted daily from base camp and taken place on foot in spot and stalk style.

A bull tahr of 13” +, a chamois buck of 8.5” + and a red stag of 280 SCI + is considered to be of free-range trophy quality on our private hunting areas. The rutting period for red deer is from mid-March through to mid-April, the tahr rutting period is from mid-May through to late-July and the rutting period for chamois is from mid-May through to late-June. If the main target species is a red stag and you want to experience the “roar” we recommend booking for early April. Bull tahr and chamois capes are not in the best condition at this time of year, so you will have to compromise. Alternatively, we recommend booking for late-May. You may catch the tail end of the “roar” or red stags will be in bachelor mobs post rut. This is still a fantastic time to hunt red stags and you will experience the tahr and chamois rut. Tahr and chamois winter capes will be coming in to their prime at this time of year.

A good fitness level is recommended. Private land has the advantage of great 4WD access, 

limiting the amount of mountainous walking if required. We recommend training in preparation for your hunt if you want a greater chance at mature trophy class animals.



Public land wilderness bull tahr and chamois

5 days/4nights


*Helicopter fees not included*

The ultimate alpine experience for the adventure hunter!

You will be picked-up from Queenstown International Airport and driven approximately 4.5 hours to Franz Josef on the West Coast where you will be taken by helicopter into New Zealand’s pristine snow-capped mountains. Hunts are conducted daily from a canvas wall tent base camp or spike camp and taken place on foot in spot and stalk style.

You can expect to see 3 – 10 mature trophy-class bull tahr a day and 1 – 3 mature trophy-class chamois bucks a day. A bull tahr of 12” + and a chamois buck of 8” + is considered to be of public land trophy quality. Our professional guides will always hunt for the best available. The rutting period for tahr is from mid-May through to late-July and the rutting period for chamois is from mid-May through to late-June. We recommend booking for late-May through to early-June to enhance your experience and chance of harvesting mature animals.

A good fitness level is recommended. We recommend training in preparation for your hunt, as mature alpine animals are habitually in hard to get to spots.