Michigan Whitetail Hunting Trips

Our whitetail hunt in Michigan is the ultimate destination for those seeking that unique combination of premier whitetail trophies, beautiful pastures and wooded terrain, and a devoted team of professionals with the experience to deliver a flawless hunt.  

This outfitter offers all the modern world comforts, along with the character and warmth that can only be felt in our northern rustic themed lodge.  Accompanied by the hospitality of our dedicated chef and crew to ensure your stay in one to be remembered.  

We strive to make these a top experience where clients have their choice of premium whitetails.  With their dedication to growing and managing a top herd of white-tailed deer, it is not uncommon for Presidential hunters to take multiple trophies while enjoying the company of fellow white-tailed deer enthusiasts.  

The Lodge is a modern, well-appointed property offering all the comforts and conveniences that are expected from a premium hunting destination.  It is adjacent to our private lake which ensures our guest the benefits of beautiful views of northern Michigan’s wildlife, while offering a warm relaxing environment.  We invite you to enjoy our guest meeting areas, which include two relaxing lounges, a cozy bar, and a large dining room, all which have been furnished to create a setting where you can relax with friends or enjoy a quiet moment after a memorable day of hunting.  

We take pride in the warmth of our hospitality.  The lodge stage will take care of all your needs from a pick up at the airport, accommodation in one of our en-suite bedrooms, or making sure as soon as you arrive back from the field you can celebrate with a drink of your choice while enjoying our outdoor fire pit.  

We offer the following amenities:

  • 8 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • 2 group lounges
  • Bar
  • Dining Room
  • 2 private conference rooms
  • Gear/gift store
  • Commercial kitchen with dedicated chef
  • Outdoor fire pit
  • Heated blinds
  • On-call massage therapist
  • Hunting gear storage for each hunter
  • WIFI
  • Shooting range
  • Transportation to and from airport

We offer the follow hunts:


The carefully managed herd here at Legends Ranch allows us to provide our Manager’s Hunts. On this hunt you will be testing your skills against a mature whitetail buck who has reached full antler potential. This hunt provides trophies which fall short of the criteria for a Rut Hunt. 

One hunter, one guide: 3 days $9,000 Up to 200 SCI 

Two hunters, one guide: 3 days $8,500 up to 200 SCI


This highly coveted time of the year is packed with excitement as you search for the largest mature whitetail buck Legends Ranch has to offer. Whether you are on the ground trying to rattle one in or sitting over a field waiting for one of those trophy bucks to make a mistake, the action will be non-stop for the four days you spend with us. The Rut Hunt at Legends Ranch will be a true hunt you will never forget. 

One hunter, one guide: Four days $14,000


On this four-day hunt the field is yours. Introducing the Presidential Hunt, where you will experience the pinnacle of what the hunting industry has to offer. There are no age- or antler-restrictions. If you are looking for that perfect typical, one of a kind non-typical, heavy mass, width and tine length, Legends Ranch can provide what you value most in an exceptional whitetail trophy. Hunts are limited. 

One hunter, one guide: $19,000-$22,000