Florida Alligator Hunting Trips

Species:              Alligator

Location:             Florida

Methods:             Rifle or Archery

Dates:                  March-November

The great thing about alligator hunting is the diversity. 

In Florida, you can hunt day or night with a variety of weapons. 

Florida offers some incredible gator hunts!

Night Hunts 

Although night hunts for Alligators in Florida can be more challenging than a day hunt – adrenaline levels do increase. Spotlights are used to scan lakes and swamps for giant gators and the lack of light creates an eerie excitement to the gator hunt. 

There is something about the dark waters and what lurks beneath that make this hunt exciting and a little unnerving at the same time. Weapon selection is up to the hunter. We will offer some suggestions and additional details about the hunt before you select a weapon. 

Night gator hunts normally produce larger gators. Night hunts offer the added benefit of a reprieve from the Florida daytime heat!

Night Hunt Prices

  •  Multi-Night Hunt Packages1 person 2 days/2 nights
  • Meals and lodging
  • All equipment and tag  
  • Average size 8 to 10 feet  
  • $3500 hunter ($750 non-hunter)
  • Giant Fee: 10’1″-12′ is $1000
  • Monster Fee: 12’1″ plus is $2500
  • Alligator Hunting Season in Florida is August 15 – November 1st

  • Day Hunts 

If you are a first-time alligator hunter, a day hunt may be a good option. The thrill of seeing alligators in the light of day is something all first-time hunters should experience. 

Day hunts are a little less intense as well. You will scan the Florida swamps by boat and when a gator is spotted, we will attempt to snag it – that’s when the fight begins. 

Once the gator is snagged you will have the opportunity to harvest it with your weapon of choice. Rifle hunts allow for longer shots, 25 to 30 yards, and archery, spear or other methods require getting a little closer.

Day Hunt Prices

  •  $5,500 up to 11” $8,000 for 11”+
  • One day or night guided
  • Florida gator hunting  Equipment and tags  
  • Meals and lodging NOT included
  • March though November call for availability
  • Tags throughout the year