Alberta Wolf Hunting Trips

Our wolf hunt in Alberta takes place up north, near High Level.  This outfitter has been wolf hunting for years and has one of the most successful wolf hunts we have today. 

These are baited hunts, and you will sit in a heated blind, watching the bait from 200-300 yards away.  

Sitting there, and watching these wolves come into the bait is something everyone should experience.  To have the apex predator not know you are there is an experience all in itself. 

You will be taken to the blind each day by ATV or snowmobile.  Here you’ll sit with your gear and lunch to watch and see what comes in. 

These are all 6 day hunts and they run from December to March of each year.  

There are 2 camps, and the outfitter will place you in the camp that he feels gives you the best chance for success.  There are no limit to how many wolves you can take. 

Cost is $5,500/person. 

Cost includes:

6 days of hunting, lodging, food, drinks, transportation during the hunt. 

Cost excludes:

License and tag ($100), taxidermy, gratuities.