Limpopo Dangerous Game Hunting Trips

  • Species:             Dangerous Game
  • Location:            Limpopo (South Africa)
  • Method:              Rifle or Archery
  • Dates:                 March-October

This outfitter has been taking clients on safari since 1998.  They are located in the Limpopo region of South Africa, about 3 hours north of Johannesburg.  They offer an exclusive private experience for you, your family and/or hunting group.  Each safari is individually planned to meet your requirements.  

This outfitter is ideal for the small family groups, and cater to very small camps, ensuring you have the personal attention you deserve.  They are committed to game management which provides continuous mature quality trophies. 

The camp is a fully catered, luxury camp.  Each client with have their own chalet with a bathroom in each room, filled with towels, soap and shampoo.  Laundry is done daily, meaning you only need minimal clothes to pack.  The food is an incredible dining experience, with many local dishes to try. 

At the end of each day, you can sit around the campfire, listening to the sounds of Africa. 

Take advantage of the Ivory Spa and get a massage, facial, body wrap and get pampered while on safari.  

We have some great packages to take advantage of, or you can design a package that works best for your time, wants and budget.  

Package deals:

Cape Buffalo package

  • 5 days of hunting 1×1
  • 1 bull 37”-39”
  • 3 management plains game
  • $12,950/person

All packages are all inclusive with daily rates, trophy fees, lodging and food.

 Daily Rates:

  • $750/day 1×1
  • Observer-$250/day
  • Arrival day $180/person

Trophy Fees:

  • Cape Buffalo-under 38” $9,500
  • Cape Buffalo-under 40” $10,500
  • Cape Buffalo Cow $3,500
  • Hippo POR
  • Lion/Lioness POR
  • Crocodile <12’ $5,500
  • Crocodile 12’ $7,500
  • Crocodile 13’ $8,500
  • Crocodile 14’ $9,500

Some additional license fees are due for certain animals.