Red Stag Hunting Trips

For many hunters, red stags are the ultimate big game trophy, providing a genuine ‘larger than life’ experience that you’re not going to forget anytime soon. 

Available Red Stag Hunts

NZ Red Stag (North Island)

NZ Red Stag (South Island)

Argentina Red Stag

Red Stag Hunting With Tru Flight Adventures

From New Zealand to North America, there’s a handful of different areas where you can go red stag hunting. If you’re looking to hunt red stag across the globe, we have two red stag hunting packages in New Zealand we know you’re going to love. We vet all of our partners to ensure the highest level of quality for our clients.

When Can You Hunt Red Stag?

You can hunt red stag at a variety of different times throughout the world. In New Zealand, you can hunt red stags from late February to early August. In North American, you can go on red stag hunts from early August to February. Due to this, you can hunt red stags anytime of the year.

Why Hunt Red Stag?

Known as the Monarch of the Mountain, the Red Stag (or Red Deer) is often considered to be one of the most beautiful antlered animals on Earth. Mature bucks will usually have racks with 12 or more points and make for some of the finest trophy animals in any hunter’s collection.

A lot of hunters believe that the red stag is one of the most challenging animal to hunt. There’s no question about it, red deer are very elusiveness animals and pin pointing the herds next move can test the most experienced hunters. If you’re looking for a red stag hunting experience like no other, you’ve came to the right place. 

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