Idaho Black Bear Hunting Trips

Species:                  Black Bear

Location:                Idaho, USA

Methods:                Rifle or Archery

Dates:                     May-June 


Our black bear hunts in Idaho offers the clients a wide array of hunting options, from baited in the spring, baited in the spring with a combo for turkey and the use of dogs in the fall.  This hunt truly has something for everyone.  


Our spring bait hunt takes place in the Selway-Bitterroot wilderness area. This area is so vast and has such a high bear population that we have a very rare opportunity to be able to offer 2 bear tags in this unit. Many hunters will have the opportunity to take 2 bears during their hunt; some have even taken 2 bears in the same evening. These hunts take place on the Lochsa River and run from mid-May to the end of June. During these hunts we stay either at our base camp lodge or we can do a pack-in wilderness tent camp.  90% success rate and 50% color phase.




This hunt takes place on our private ranches, and it includes 1 black bear and up to 2 turkeys.   This is an any-weapon hunt so we can do archery, rifle or even pistol.  We usually bear hunt only in the evenings and then turkey hunt in the mornings when the birds are coming out of roost. In the evenings we listen, and can easily locate the birds so we can get you setup in the right place for the morning. There are lots of turkeys on the ranch and we rarely have trouble getting our clients at least one turkey during this hunt.  95% success rate and 50% color phase. 




We offer a very unique bear hunting experience with our fall hound/spot & stalk hunt located along the Salmon River breaks at our ranches. During the month of September, the areas that we are hunting here hold thousands of wild plum trees which fill every canyon on the ranch with some of the tastiest wild fruit around. Bears come from the surroundings mountains down to the ranch in order to fatten up for the winter. We go out in the morning and try to catch a bear with the hounds, this makes for a very exciting hunt and tends to be very successful with the heavy bear population on the property. This hunt can be done by using any weapon you choose, could be rifle, bow, or even pistol. In the evenings we’ll sit out on the hillsides and glass for bear walking the plum thickets.  90% success rate and 60% color phase.

$4,000/person 2×1