Montana Wing Shooting Hunting Trips

The remote Yaak Valley is a place made up of woods and mountains and free-flowing streams, creating bird cover not dissimilar to that found in northern New England. Our populations of native grouse have thrived here for eons. We have been running dogs and offering some of the finest grouse hunting in the lower forty-eight states since 1992. This corner of Montana has three species of forest grouse, namely Ruffed, Blue (Dusky), and Spruce grouse. All three exist in good number here, making the Yaak one of the only places where you can hunt three species of forest grouse in one day.

In the heart and mind of an upland bird hunter, nothing can compare to the sight of a dog on point. We are passionate about our pursuit of upland birds behind working gun dogs, and if you share our love of dogs, this is the hunt for you. The dog string is made up of beloved setters and retrievers who are ready and eager to hunt all day. We also welcome you to bring your own dogs along. Either way, if you come to the Yaak in autumn, you’re in for a fine Montana bird hunt.

September 15th-October 15th 


4 Nights lodging/ 3 Days hunting

$4,000 1×1, $2,950 2×1

5 Nights lodging/ 4 days hunting

$5,250 1×1, $3,425 2×1

6 Nights lodging/ 5 days hunting

$6,500 1×1, $4,250 2×1

Cost includes:

Guiding, lodging, lunches, field prep of animals, transportation during the hunt. 

Cost excludes:

Transportation to hunt and back, license and tags, Montana accommodations tax, meat processing, taxidermy, gratuities.