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Measuring a bear skull

Proper way to measure a bear skull.

  • Must allow 60 day drying period after the bear is harvested.
  • Measure from the back of the skull to the tip of the nose, without using the lower jaw.
  • Measure from cheek to cheek, at the greatest width.
  • Add these two measurements up and you have your score.
  • Inched are scored in 16ths. Example…23 ¾” is 2312/16”

This method is used for all species of bear.


Minimum Scores for Boone and Crockett:

  • Black Bear        20”
  • Grizzly Bear     23”
  • Brown Bear      26”
  • Polar Bear        27″


Minimum Scores for Pope and Young

  • Black Bear        18”
  • Grizzly Bear     19”
  • Brown Bear      20”
  • Polar Bear-       20”