Wyoming Elk Hunting Trips

Species:             Rocky mountain elk

Location:           Wyoming

Methods:           Rifle or archery

Dates:                 September-October

Our Wyoming elk hunt gives you a true wilderness elk hunt.  

From the experience of the guides, the expertise of the outfitter and the quality of the camps, this hunt produces great hunts and experiences year after year.  They only offer fair chase, free range hunts.  

Hunts take place in western Wyoming, which is home to one of the largest elk herds in the world.  All hunts include top-quality elk opportunities, making this a hunt of a lifetime for hunters. 

We offer both archery and rifle hunts. 

Archery hunts run from September 1st-September 30th

Rifle hunts run from September 20th-October 31st. 

We have two types of camps. 

Drive-In Camps

We have two drive-in camps: South Piney Creek and East Fork of the Greys River. Both lie on the boundaries of areas 90 and 94, which allows us easy access and the ability to hunt a few of the best general areas in Wyoming for elk. The Drive-In Camps operate during the Archery/Rut hunt as well as the Rifle/Post-Rut.

$6,495/person 2×1


Wilderness Pack-In Camp

Our wilderness pack-in camp sets out from Brooks Lake Lodge along Cub Creek, a tributary of the South Fork of the Buffalo River. This remote traditional wall-tent camp lies within the boundaries of area 70, which historically has been one of Wyoming’s best trophy elk hunting destinations. The area routinely produces bulls ranging from 300” to well over 320” gross inches of antler growth, with an opportunity to hunt a real Boone and Crockett quality bull.

$8,495/person 2×1


Cost includes:

Guiding, lodging (wall tents), food, drinks, use of horses, field prep of animals. 

Cost excludes:

License and tags, tips, meat processing, taxidermy.  

A Day In Camp

Mornings begin between 3:00 and 4:00 am at which time your guides will already be catching, feeding, and saddling horses. We meet in the dining tent for a hearty breakfast; pack your lunch and discuss the plans for the day. After breakfast, still, well before daylight, you and your guide ride from camp and head up the trails on horseback for a full day of hunting. Once you reach your destination, we spend most of the day glassing and locating bulls with binoculars and/or a spotting scope. Our time and efforts are focused on areas where we have historically found and recently located mature bulls in our scouting efforts. Once we spot your trophy game, we plan our stalk carefully and hike to a vantage point to where you can make your shot.

Jake M.
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Had an awesome hunt in Wyoming. Shot my first elk on the last morning of the hunt. Hiked a lot, had a couple grizzly encounters, and had an overall great experience. Thank you Erin and Tru Flight Adventures!