Gredos Ibex Hunting Trips

Spain is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate and a wide variety of terrain. With mountains in the north, south, central and west of the country, as well as rolling hills, forests and farmland, Spain offers a long list of game animals, many of which are unique to the Iberian Peninsula.

Spain is famous for its four varieties of ibex, each of which occupies four disparate geographical regions. The Spanish ibex (Capra pyrenaica) has four subspecies: Gredos, found in the Gredos Mountains near Madrid; Beceite, in the mountains of Valencia; and the Southeastern and Ronda ibex, both of which are found in the coastal mountains of Andalusia.

Gredos Ibex

Second largest Ibex. Horns are usually lyre shaped, with a more pronounced curve and spiral in comparison to the rest of subspecies. Also characteristic its fur, much darker than other Ibex types. The hunt is done by stalking in Sierra de Gredos (northern and southern areas) about 3 hours drive from Madrid. The location are impressive granite stone mountains with an altitude that could go up to 7,000 feet. A magnificent scenario, large amount of animals available are the ingredients for a unique hunting trip. Likewise Beceite, rutting goes from November till end of December.

Daily Rates:

  • Hunter $500/day
  • Observer $300/day
  • Tourism $400/day


  • Hunting guide and interpreter
  • Airport pickup and transfer to hunting area
  • Lodging, food, drinks


  • Trophy fees
  • Hotels before and after hunt
  • License and Insurance ($200)
  • Taxidermy and shipment of trophies
  • Vet Certificate and Export permit per trophy ($150)
  • Tips
  • Personal Expenses
  • 21% VAT on final invoice

Trophy Fees:

  • Representative-up to 205 CIC                     $6,500
  • Bronze-205-220 CIC                                     $6,500 (+$200 per point)
  • Silver-220-230 CIC                                        $9,500 (+$200 per point)
  • Gold-230+ CIC                                               $11,500 (+$200 per point)