Alberta Moose Hunting Trips

Species:              Canadian moose

Location:            Alberta, Canada

Methods:            Rifle or archery

Dates:                 September-October

Our moose in Alberta has a great hunt that won’t break the bank. Hunts will take place from mid September through early October to hit the peak of the rut. Methods will be calling and spot and stalk hunting. Rifle and archery hunters are welcome.

These hunts take place in very remote areas.  Some of these moose probably haven’t seen humans.  The outfitter scouts his normal areas, as well as new areas, each year, ensuring continued success on big Canadian bulls.  

Bulls will average 38″-44″, with some going over the 50″ mark.  

You will either hunt from base camp, or one of many spike camps each day, which consists of very comfortable wall tents.  You will return each might to camp to a hot meal.

You can hunt wolf for just the cost of the license.  


2024-(SOLD OUT)


$15,500 1×1 

$10,500 2×1. 

Cost includes: 

Lodging, food, drinks, transportation during the hunt, field prep of bull. 

Cost excludes:

 Transportation to hunt and back, license and tags, tips, meat processing and taxidermy.