Moose Hunting Trips

While moose can be found in a wide variety of locations throughout the world, the majority of them can be found in boreal forest regions that stretch across the northern part of the world.

The largest moose, known as Alaska-Yukon, inhabit the Alaska and the Yukon into the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories. The Chukotka moose from Kamchatka and Russian North-East are equally large. Moose located in Canada’s other western provinces are known by the Western Canada moose, and those east of a line drawn across Ontario are called Eastern Canada moose.

The range of the Shiras moose extends through the Rocky Mountains south, including both Colorado and Utah; it has the smallest antlers of the North American moose. The European moose can be found in a handful of different areas, including; Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltics, Russia, and Poland.

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Moose Hunting With Tru Flight Adventures

Here at Tru Flight Adventures, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest hunting outfitters in the world to offer you moose hunting trips throughout North America.

When Can You Hunt Moose?

Trophy moose hunts usually take place in the rut, which happens in September-October in most parts of moose range. Meat hunts commonly take place later, in November-December, when the bull meat is less affected by hormonal surge of the mating period, and snow makes it easier to track a wounded animal. Post-rut hunts tend to be cheaper, but beware that moose shed their antlers at about the time of snowfall.

Why Hunt Moose?

The moose (Alces alces) is one of the largest deer species in the world. Due to their large size, massive antlers, and tender meat, moose are highly sought after by big-game trophy hunters.

Moose can be hunted all across the globe. From Sweden and Scandinavia, to Alaska and Canada, there’s no shortage of beautiful locations to plan your next big game moose hunt. In some locations, moose plays an important role in the culture. The majority of moose hunts take place in heavily wooded or swampy areas.  In many North American locations, moose are tracked using horses, boats, or canoes. Moose hunting can challenge the best hunters in the world, recovering the animal can also be quite challenging. If you enjoy hunting big game and want to test your hunting skills, booking a moose hunt would definitely challenge the best of the best.

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