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Choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag

Before you head into the back country, either on an extended backpacking trip, or hunting excursion, make sure you have the proper equipment.  A good sleeping bag can make all the difference between an enjoyable trip or one that is brutal.  Below are some things to look for when picking out the correct sleeping bag.

  1. Select The Right Shape

A feature that sets sleeping bags apart from each other is their shape! You will have to choose between a mummy shape or a square one.

For warmer weather, square shaped bags are preferred.  They are bulky but cover you very well. However, they tend to stay cooler than mummy bags.

For colder weather, mummy-shaped sleeping bags are preferred.  If you are camping in cooler weather, it keeps you warm for as long as you sleep in it. Their shape resembles the shape of a human body.

  1. Choose A Down-Filled Sleeping Bag

An ideal sleeping bag to carry around is light in weight, can be compressed easily, and performs extremely well in a cold environment. Alongside this, you need to ensure that it is easily compressed.  Down filled bags have all these qualities, which is why they are in demand amongst adventure lovers who seek comfort while sleeping outdoors.

These bags are quite resistant to water. The outer covering repels the water vapors and moisture particles efficiently. Hence, it doesn’t clump up easily. Though they are a little pricey compared to regular bags, they are surely worth it!

  1. The Lighter, The Better

For a camper who must carry everything around on their backs, the weight of the sleeping bag is of great importance. If you have an extensive trip (2-6 days) that requires you to hike many miles, the weight of the bag is very important.

The weight of the sleeping bag is decided by its type and quality of insulation. Alongside this, the cut of the bag also plays a great role in determining its weight.

  1. Do Zippers Matter?

The zipper of the sleeping bag is quite a significant feature, which you should consider while choosing one. A bag that is easy to unzip and convenient to assemble is surely a reliable option to have. It doesn’t only make things quick and easy for you but also ensures you can go to sleep as soon as you enter your camp.

If the zip of your sleep bag is snap-free, opening and closing it several times during camping would be easier. A baffle located right behind the zip gives an extra cover to the bag, keeping wind out.  Hence, the bag remains warm even when you are camping on the coldest possible mountains!

  1. Additional Features To Look For

Certain other features of the sleeping bag that will make your trip easier and more convenient include the stash pockets and extensive adjustment options. While looking for a bag, opt for the one that offers these facilities. You should also wash it after each trip for it to last longer!

  1. Choose Your Sleeping Bag Wisely

Don’t let the attractive design and bright colors of the sleeping bag fool you. You need a bag that gives you maximum comfort, rather than the one that only appears pretty!

In summary, do your research, find the right bag you can carry comfortably, find the bag that fits you, and remember, the extra money will be worth it when you’re miles away from civilization.