Leopard Hunting Trips

Species:             Leopard

Location:           Namibia

Methods:           Rifle

Dates:                February-October

Leopards are incredibly shy but intelligent cats, with excellent senses. They usually appear at night, which is how they are able to avoid human contact. For the trophy hunter, the challenge cannot be greater. It is the thrill of this hunt that for centuries gets the pulse of the trophy hunter going. Hunting this dangerous game takes the right amount of planning and a combination of techniques to fool this animal. It requires physical strength, mental fortitude, patience and endurance. Tracking, baiting and hunting a leopard is one of the greatest challenges one can experience on an African hunting safari.

Leopards are very adaptable and hunt a wide array of prey from antelope down to frogs.  They can live in a wide array of terrain, making them the most widely distributed of the BIG 5 of Africa.  They are solitary animals, protecting large areas and territories on a regular basis.  

As all our leopard hunts are done in Namibia, they are all baited hunts, since tracking them with hounds became illegal in Namibia at the end of 2009. We offer a very high success rate on our leopard hunts, especially in our park area. We offer leopard hunts on Bwabwata (our Park area), on North-West Namibian conservancies, and on privately owned ranch land.

PRIVATE LAND: Excludes baits (14 days)

Day fees:                 $1,250/day                       $17,250/total

Travel days (2)       $275/day                          $550/total

Trophy fee:                                                         $10,000

Tag:                                                                      $2,000

TOTAL USD:                                                       $30,050

PARK & CONSERVANCY:  Includes bait (14 days)

Day Fees:                 $1,850/day                       $25,900/total

Travel days (2):        $275/day                          $550/total

Trophy fee:                                                           $10,000

Tag:                                                                       $2,000

Baits:                                                                     $5,000

Concession fee:                                                  $5,000

Total USD:                                                            $48,450



Dangerous game hunts $2,385/day 

Plains game hunts $575/day 

Observers $285/day 



Buffalo    $7,500 

Crocodile    $6,000 

Duiker    $400 

Eland    $3,500 

Elephant (non-export)    $10,000

Elephant    $25,000 

Hippo    $6,000

Hyena (spotted)    $5,000 

Impala    $700 

Kudu    $2,750 

Leopard    $10,000

Lechwe    $6,500 

Reedbuck    $1,500 

Roan    $10,000 

Sable    $9,500 

Steenbok    $450 

Warthog    $500 

Wildebeest (blue)    $900

Zebra (all)    $1,500

These species can only be added to a 12 day or longer dangerous game hunt, at trophy fee only, due to limited quota (one per specie). 

A second animal of the same specie will be charged at an increased trophy fee, usually 200% of trophy fee. 

Not all of the species above are available in each hunting area. 

These species may also attract a concession fee if booked inside the park area. 

Stated safari price includes day fees, VAT and concession fees.

Safari duration is the number of hunting days indicated, plus 2 travel days.

Price includes transfers between Katima Mulilo airport and the designated hunting camp.

Transfers from Kasane airport are US$200 per person and temporary firearm import permits are US$50 each.

All hunts are offered as packages and are species specific. 

Please note that we operate according to a quota system, so we can only reserve the primary animal for the hunt booked. 

For any additional animals, we can only reserve specifically requested animals for which a deposit is paid.

If not reserved, we cannot guarantee availability.