Black Bear Hunting Trips

You can find the American black bear in a wide range of locations within the United States and Canada. In fact, 28 U.S. states and every Canadian province have hunting seasons for black bears. While you can find the black bear in a variety of different environments, most black bears are found in forest areas. The exact location you choose to go black bear hunting will depend on the hunting method you prefer, such as gun, bow, baiting, hounds, and whether it’s legal in that area. There’s a number of different bear skins you can hunt, those include black, brown, chocolate, cinnamon, red, or blonde. Color-phase bears are especially common in the northwestern United States. A rare bluish-gray color phase in Alaska is known as the Glacier bear, and the all-white Kermode bear can be found around coastal British Columbia.

Available Black Bear Hunts

Black Bear Hunt

Black Bear Hunt

Black Bear Hunt

Black Bear Hunting With Tru Flight Adventures

Here at Tru Flight Adventures, we give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of black bear hunts. We vet all of our partners to make sure we’re offering the best hunting packages possible. Above, you’ll see all the black bear hunts we have available. There’s a number of different states where black bears can be hunted, this includes but is not limited to Montana, Washington, and provinces in Canada.

When Can You Hunt Black Bear?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make planning your black bear hunt is choosing the time of year you’ll go. Do you hunt black bear in the spring or fall? The spring season typically starts after the bruins get out of their dens in April, this can continue through May and June. Most hunters prefer the spring season because it offers a chance to hunt when most other hunting seasons are closed. Success rates are also often higher during the spring. The early part of the spring season works better for hunting over bait, as the bears make up for the winter fast. Late May to June is better for spot-and-stalk hunting: shorter nights mean bears move in the daylight more, and big males are bolder and more active because it’s rut time and they’re looking for sows. The fall season usually starts in September and goes on until the bears den in November. The closer to denning time, the better the skin and the fatter the flesh.

Why Hunt Black Bear?

American black bears are typically the smallest of all types of bears, but in areas where food is abundant, a bear may exceed 600 pounds. They are usually less aggressive than grizzlies, but still account for quite a few maulings and even deaths each year. A certain degree of hunting pressure is necessary not only to keep the bear population in check, but also to keep them associating humans with danger, which acts as conflict prevention. Black bear meat (when it’s not infected with trichinosis) is a delicacy, and its hide, especially in an unusual color phase, makes a beautiful rug. A black bear’s sense of smell is excellent. Although its eyesight and hearing are average. they are very intelligent. Harvesting a black bear is quite a challenge, which is perhaps one of the greatest attractions of the hunt.

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