Mark T.
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"Family orientated, more about the adventure than just the trophy. Great stuff with kids which I like to see. Great job Erin!"
Bill G.
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"A BIG THNX, for all you do for both game, non game wildlife and local people in both hemispheres!! Selfless, Dedicated and Passionate!"
Susan M
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"Finally, a hunting show that focuses on what's more important, the tradition, the journey and showing how hunters GIVE BACK all around the world."
Rob G.
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"Great people, great cause and a great premise to build the GIVING BACK spirit through hunting and the outdoors."
Ken M.
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"Great, honest people with a positive message"
Steven W.
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"Great people doing great things for communities and hunting."
Rebecca T.
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"Erin is not only a great person, but has a great message. Keep up the great work!"
Jack O.
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"I enjoy the show because it shows how the hunt happens. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don't. The ONLY show of it's kind to help other people with a direct relation to hunting. Keep up the great work!"
Carter D.
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"Erin is an amazing person with a great message to the hunting community worldwide. Let's continue to support them!"
Ryan B.
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"Thanks for the shows. Enjoy watching the episodes."
Nicolaas E.
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"Such a pleasure hosting Erin and looking forward to the next visit"

Meet The Team


Follow host Erin Throckmorton as he travels the globe in search of adventure.

Erin combined his passions of hunting and helping people to create GIVING BACK TV in 2016.

Erin said when he created the show, he was going to document real stories, no matter how controversial, and allow viewers to create their own ideas of hunting based on facts, not emotions, as many anti-hunting organizations do.

GIVING BACK TV spotlights all the positive stories surrounding hunting, and hunters, around the world. Conservation, anti-poaching, meat distribution and family traditions are only a few of the stories Erin captures along the way.

Erin, and GIVING BACK TV, is making a difference, one hunt at a time.


Huntech Pro is the brainchild of Johan & Beulah Smit. “We help people from all over the World to give them High Quality videos, we want to make sure that all clients gain maximum exposure, and at the same time convey what they have to offer to the public.” says Johan. 

“Hunting is not just a hobby, it is part of our lifestyle. Making sure we got some fresh meat in the freezer and how blessed we are to be able to call this our job.” 

They have hunted with some of S.A’s top musicians and offer the hunting opportunities to other celebrities as well. This all is to promote ethical hunting, and not just about killing animals. “We need to educate the people who does not understand what ethical hunting is about” says Johan.



Peter A Azaare is an inspiring author,motivational speaker and Teacher of God’s Word. He is the Founder and president of Elevation Ministries.He seeks to help people regardless of diverse backgrounds to identify who they are in Christ and fulfil their purpose in life.

Peter uses his gift of speaking and writing to help save lives around the world. His subject matters are structured according to the title of his books, “The Elevation Driven Lifestyle” is no exception. He is passionate for humanity and has written and co-authored many books.

Born in Ghana and gifted with a passion to contribute to humanity, Peter was enlisted into the country’s National Defence Force in 2007.He participated in a joint military training programme involving the United States and Spanish marine corps during the inaugurationofthe APS.

Peter has travelled across the globe. In 2010 he served as a peacekeeper with the United Nations mission in Liberia. It was there that he felt the strong calling of God. Upon his return to Ghana, he left the army to fulfil God’s purpose for his life. His obedience to serving God has made an impact in the lives of many people around the world. 

He is happily married to Yvonne Azaare and the couple is blessed with three children, Divine, Dominion and Dorah.

Peter holds a Diploma in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership from Africa Multination for Christ (AMFCC) Bible College in South Africa.

He also founded an authors’ mentorship centre called Genius CreativityWritersAcademy(GCWA)tohelp firsttimeChristian authors publish their books and impact their generation in fulfilment of their God given destiny.