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Traditional Archer in Africa

Many times, as a Traditional Bowhunter, I’ve found outfitters prefer that you use a compound or crossbow and reach out 40 to 60 yards for your trophies. But on my first trip to Africa (that I booked with Erin Throckmorton) the outfitter adapted some strategies to fit my equipment. It truly was an Awesome experience, from my ancient Impala I took at 8 yards, to my INCREDIBLE 12-year-old Kudu that measured over 52” of spiraling horn above his head that offered me a 16-yard shot. I cannot say enough about these guys and am planning another trip as we speak to take more traditional hunters to Africa.

It was a great learning curve from how the plains game of South Africa would react to a shot with my longbow, shot placement on my end, and preparation for shots and shot distances on game as my chosen gear is slower than most of today’s bowhunting gear. But whether spot and stalk hunting, or sitting in a blind at a water hole, the guides were willing and able to pursue the game as you wanted.

Both the outfitter and I learned a lot on this trip, as I was one of the first traditional bowhunters they had at camp. They were extremely interested in my equipment (from my longbow to my stone arrowheads) and how to set up hunts for future traditional bowhunters.


Rob Gillow