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Namibia Leopard Hunt Report

First, I must say that I am very satisfied with the leopard hunt in Namibia.  Erin Throckmorton did a great job listening to what I was looking for and helping me find the right hunt.

 It was a tough hunt. We got the leopard the next to the last night. That means, that we had to sit a lot of hours/nights in the tent. It is tough sitting still for so many hours but if you want a cat, you have to sit in the ark, and I really wanted to sit, so the outfitter never heard me say, “let’s go home and sleep.”  Actually, I wanted to sit more than he wanted. It was a tough psychical hunt also since the days was running/going/passing and we still had not got a leopard. That is tough. Of course, you start thinking maybe you won’t get your trophy. But it worked out.

I was prepared that it could be a tough, so I was not surprised that the hunt become like it did. The outfitter was nice, the same was the trackers and the people at the farm. Had a nice time. It was a good area with good activity at the bait. We had three different males and one female at the baits from the trail cameras.

The only thing that I mean they could have done better, and that have I told them, is that I was not totally satisfied with the pre-baiting. That played luckily no matter for my success of this hunt. But maybe we could had got the leopard earlier and then got time to tried to get a cheetah also, as I also wanted. But they know my opinion about this. There were baits out two places (not so many that I had expected). They had to be replaced, and there was no fresh bait available, so we had to hunt it the next day.

I enjoyed hunting for the bait, I like that, but there should be some bait available, so we don’t need to lose one day hunt (since no fresh bait). So, we could not sit the first night. The next day we hunted some blue wildebeest (was fun, I like that). Hang out bait, but could not sit since there was no hit. In that way, we lost two hunting nights. So, I actually only had a 12-day leopard hunt, not 14 days as I ordered.

Then we did not get a hit the first night the bait was out, but the night after.  As I told, I had a really good hunt and was successful. I am very happy with the hunt/the trip, everything.